FASI fpCentral™ is the dynamic national referral platform that connects service organisations with carefully selected and approved financial planning firms/financial planners to provide expert advice for their members, clients and staff representatives.

FASI fpCentral™ provides the quality management, rigour and purpose-built technology to uphold the success and integrity of a professional, large scale referral platform. It takes the unknown, indecision and potential difficulty out of the process. We make it easy, organised and highly accountable for all participants.

The platform technology is modular and customised to suit your commercial application. It is an approach designed to integrate with your systems and service infrastructure.

As the Executive Officer of FASI, Greg Harper’s expertise has been widely sought in this specialised area, having devised and implemented a landmark national referral program for Cbus and the FPA in 2014.

FASI fpCentral™ brings together Greg’s proven leadership and knowledge with FASI’s dedicated service and online capability to create a new standard in quality for ‘business to business’ financial planning service relationships.

Our commitment is to ensure that the FASI fpCentral™ National Referral Platform is thoroughly integrated as a trusted, efficient and professional service function of your business.

We look forward to working with your service organisation or financial planning firm to deliver an outstanding user experience.