Benefits for Financial Planning Firms

Alignment, screening, review and accountability

  • Comprehensive due diligence and application process
  • Thorough suitability and eligibility assessment
  • Formal induction with written undertaking and signed authorisation
  • Ongoing advice quality reviews, monitoring and accountability
  • Partner with FASI approved Service Organisations for financial planning referrals
  • Qualified and quality checked referrals to address a specific need for personal financial advice (NOT a cold calling lead generation service)

Organised and structured with purpose-built technology

  • Dedicated online capability with all the tools and technology
  • A User Guide with simple instructions and diagrams
  • Expert service coordination, management, referral allocation, with defined roles, service functionality and resource support capability
  • Features to measure and assess the qualitative and quantitative service outcomes

Consolidated administration, reporting and surveys

  • Allows you to administer referrals, communicate, record and report on the critical service information in a professional, integrated and consolidated format for your operational staff and management representatives
  • Utilise the platform for member, client and staff representative surveys

Demand, activity, relationships and growth

  • Provides new client service opportunities and an extended referral network
  • Increases service demand and activity
  • Builds reciprocal referral relationships
  • Increases your commercial relationship network
  • Enhances the awareness of your professional service and capability
  • Supports the development, growth and prosperity of your business

Scale, efficiency and reduced costs

  • Provides guaranteed economies of scale and operational efficiencies
  • Reduces administration and service costs
  • Provides guaranteed cost savings

Brand, credibility and reputation

  • Participation in a recognised professional service to enhance your brand, credibility and reputation
  • Provides an opportunity to showcase the true value and integrity of your service through your professional conduct

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