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FASI is working with a broad cross-section of the industry to provide professional services and solutions to address the fundamental issues that have been identified in the Royal Commission Report …plus much more, including:

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  • How to untap the enormous benefits and scope of intra-fund financial advice services for super fund members;
  • How to uncover and correct the many internal service obstacles, disadvantages and inefficiencies with a thorough review of your end-to-end service model;
  • The importance of online advice service technology and the critical issues to maximise the value of this investment;
  • How to identify and remove conflict and obstruction from financial advice services;
  • How to apply a concentrated focus on quality, efficiency and compliance to uphold, respect and add value to your brand and reputation, resulting in greater financial success for your business;
  • How your advice service model can become your greatest risk management tool and your biggest asset;
  • How to define the true cost and value proposition for your financial advice service;
  • The successful strategy that supports Trustee obligations and enhances member service engagement, retention, growth and retirement outcomes;
  • The proven strategy that delivers a professional service and product distribution network;
  • How to achieve operational, regulatory and commercial success with FASI QECp360™ – the ultimate advice service health check.

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