At FASI, we don’t believe that the status quo is acceptable.

Our mission is to inspire quality, efficiency and compliance for financial advice services to uphold community expectations and foster sustainable commercial success.

All FASI services are supported with flexible methods of engagement and we provide prospective clients with a complementary initial meeting to discuss their service requirements. The comprehensive range of FASI services and expertise is listed below.

  • Expert resource support for projects and contract assignments
  • Professional consulting services
  • Service management
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Service transformation
  • Service integration
  • Service implementation
  • Scaled financial advice service delivery and augmentation
  • Comprehensive financial planning service delivery and augmentation
  • Referral coordination and triage
  • FASI fpCentral™
  • Service governance and risk management
  • Service performance planning
  • Service scale and capacity
  • Service model design and strategy
  • FASI QECp360™
  • Service administration
  • Service reporting
  • Service audits and assessment
  • Process collateral development
  • Service material development
  • Presentations
  • Seminar programs
  • Service training
  • Staff mentoring
  • Statement of Advice review programs
  • Systemic issue remediation programs
  • Leadership and advocacy
  • Custodial responsibility, duty of care and fiduciary obligation
  • Management, Executive, CEO and Board advisory

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