Executive Counsel Consulting

Trusted support for Executives, CEOs & Board representatives

FASI provides a bespoke professional service for senior business leaders to complement their knowledge and understanding of critical service, performance and strategic imperatives.

Our independent expertise is utilised as a means to help service leaders who are responsible for key decisions and making sure that their business adapts and prospers in a challenging commercial environment. FASI executive counsel is tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Our service includes:

  • Specialised service intelligence and strategic insight
  • An expert sounding board and independent technical resource
  • The synergy and mechanics of operational service; regulatory compliance; and profitability
  • How to turn your service model into your greatest asset
  • Leadership and advocacy – breaking down the barriers
  • Custodial responsibility, duty of care and fiduciary obligation

Contact FASI today to see how we can help, empower and support your organisation – inquiry@fasi.com.au.